Vallila x Ervin Latimer

Vallila Interior is a leading Finnish brand of contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories. Vallila needed to reach out to new client segments and their new sustainability strategy needed visual and loud actions to strengthen their brand.

We created a new 2ndCycle concept for Vallila. Vallila 2ndCycle grants a new life for old curtains and fabrics in collaborative projects together with young designers and artists. The Young Designer of the Year 2020, Finnish-American fashion designer Ervin Latimer, initiated the 2ndCycle concept. Ervin Latimer's collection comprises a numbered series of unisex work jackets, trousers and bags made from surplus fabrics designed by the 92-year-old African-Amercan Howard Smith for Vallila in 1960´s and 1970´s. Campaign pictures were shot by Chris Vidal Tenomaa featuring model Zakarie Ali from Jasmin Islamovic Agency

What we did

  • Concept development
  • New segments
  • Communication & PR strategy
  • Collaborations
  • New retail concepts
Collection was featured in medias such as Helsingin Sanomat, YLE News,, Kauppalehti, Optio, MarMai, Glorian Koti, Trendi, Deko, Radio Helsinki, YLE puhe, MTV3 uutisaamu and Aamulehti