Match-making Asia

Over the years, Juni has been organising export events for fashion brands in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. The idea of the events have been to extend the network, find new partners, increase sales and gain visibility in local medias. The match-making events consist on 3-4 days programme with the meetings with the local media, stylists, retailers, companies and other professionals. The programme has been individually designed for each brand. The match-making programme is always done in collabortion with Juni´s local partners.

What we did

  • New segments
  • Match-making
  • PR & Communication
  • Consulting
  • Production
Match-making in South Korea: Press hits over 50 medias including medias such as Harber´s Bazaar Korea, ELLE Korea, Vogue Korea, new retailers and agents
Match-making Singapore: 60 media guests at press show, press hits in medias such as Harber´s Bazaar, ELLE Singapore, Buro247 Singapore
Match-Making China in collaboration with V/Collective: Capsule collections with Finnish designers and big Chinese fashion companies such as Peacebird, ZucZuq, Nio and MO&Co